Speed, Quality, and Cost

Many organizations say that they focus on customer satisfaction, and often times after working with them you find out that these were empty words. At mQrg, we take every single step of a process and break it down; we are constantly asking ourselves how something can be done faster, eliminate the possibility of any mistakes, and how we can ultimately cut the end cost to our customers. To ensure that we are constantly improving our services, our management team meets every week to discuss the status of all of our jobs. During our collaborations we are able to ensure that the communication lines are always open, not just with our staff, but with our customers as well. Our obsession with becoming the best in the industry drives every last one of our employees to reach new standards that are constantly challenging the status quo.  

When you are faced with a large job that needs to be completed in order to continue production or complete vehicles that are waiting to go to the market, your time is precious. At mQrg, our process and procedures are setup in a way to maximize our efficiency and consequently decrease the time it takes to complete a vehicle or component. Over the course of multiple items that need to be completed, the seconds and minutes that we shave off lead to thousands in savings.
Throughout the 2014 year, mQrg repaired over 80,000 vehicles. Out of those 80,000, we had no major quality issues and completed repairs from heavy repair (timing chain & engine swaps) all the way through electronic repairs, diagnostics, re-flashing, and body & interior repairs. We strive to provide the best end results in the industry while simultaneously focusing on our speed, efficiency, and cost to our customers.
Speed and cost are really one in the same; we know that by maximizing efficiency and making our processes as lean as possible that we can complete any task, whether complex or straightforward, in record time while maintaining our leading quality standards. Not only do we select the best of the best when hiring our technicians, our partnership with our logistics company helps shave costs related to the transportation of your vehicles and components once they are completed. Do you have a job that you need quoted? Get the mQrg Advantage and find out how we can give you the competitive price you need to meet your budget combined with the speed and quality that your customers expect with your brand. Contact us today!