Mobile Support

At mQrg, we take our field service management above and beyond our competitors. We understand the importance of delivering our services in a timely fashion, as well as providing you with the same level of data collection and reporting you would receive if we completed your job from our facility.

Our mobile trailers are equipped with all of the necessary items to complete your job properly, but we don’t stop there; our communication between managers, mobile workers, our logistics team, and our customer are thorough and concise to ensure that everyone is always in the loop and up to date with the status of the task at hand. Our strength in planning, communicating, and logistics allows us to drive productivity from the field that matches the level of productivity we provide from our Charlevoix and Flat Rock home bases. Regardless of where we are needed, mQrg drives our projects with speed, quality, and cost effective solutions that are second to none.  

Our Trailers are equipped with the following:

  • Mobile Office

  • Scanners (data collection tools)

  • WiTech

  • Tools

  • WiFi

Additional equipment may be added as needed:

  • Truck/Van Fleet

  • Tent

  • Heaters

  • Vehicle Ramps; and

  • Custom items for your specific project