Diagnostics & Re-Flashing


Modern On-Board Diagnostic implementations use a standardized digital communications port to provide real-time data in addition to a standardized series of diagnostic trouble codes, or DTCs, which allow mQrg to rapidly identify and remedy malfunctions within the vehicle. Given our expertise, experience, and the technology that is readily available, we are prepared to handle any job on your schedule. mQrg provides final line validation testing, as well as repair using the best testing systems available in the market.

Often times, vehicle re-flashes are unexpected and have hard deadlines to meet. Our team is prepared and created to work around the clock to ensure that your job is completed quickly while using the highest standards of quality within the industry.
mQrg is conveniently located near the Greater Detroit Area assembly plants, and our facilities have the capacity that you need for any size job. Need your job completed swiftly and accurately? Contact us today for your re-flash consultation!